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Snooki is pregnant.

Just thought y’all should know this lovely little gem of information.

My roommate and I are SO loving this right now.

Bahahaha poor thaaaaang.

ANYWAY onto some real life schtuff. Just a little update on my life the past couple of days/what’s going through my brain 🙂

  • I’m currently blogging while at work, sup buff chip.
  • I’m back on antibiotics…again. I really hate this whole being sick thing and not knowing what is actually making me ill.
  • I need to go buy stuff for my #foodiepenpals ! SO stoked to be a part of it this month 🙂
  • Colorado weather seriously needs to stop being so bipolar, yesterday was gorgeous.  Stop trying to ruin my life with more snow.  Bring on the 70 degree weather please.
  • I tried on a gown for graduation today, and I am going to look hilarious on the day of graduation. I’m  a little body in a gigantic gown.
  • All I think about when I think of graduation is “I have a big head little arms!” courtesy of Meet the Robinsons. lovelovelove.

I should get back to work… and by work I mean reading articles on twitter and maybe attempting to do some homework..maybe.

Have a superrrrrrrb day 🙂