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Hello lovelies!

Since I’m avoiding studying/dancing, I’m gonna leave you with a little short and sweet post today about the things I’m loving on lately.

1. Earth Balance coconut peanut butter spread–not overly sweet and still tastes like peanut butter which MAY boot peanut butter and company out of the number two spot for my flavored nut butters (#1 is Justin’s, duhhhh)

2. Sunbutter is my favorite. always&forever. 

3. Colby’s kettle corn– uhh the cinnamon/sugar flavor is delicious and beats out my obsession with popcorn indiana (the nutritional stats on it are FANTASTIC too, 52 cals for 1.5 cups of cinnamon/brown sugar goodness? I’m down)

4. rice cakes smothered in one of said nut butters with a flavored honey stick spread on top = heaven

5. flavored honey sticks. delish.

6. annie’s pretzel bunnies ūüôā

7. quinoa pasta ‚̧ legit have had it for dinner every night since saturday

8. the hip/hop/urban station on pandora– but that’s always a favorite of mine

9. bodyrock.tv — those women are RIPPED and the workouts totally kick your butt

10. tone it up workouts–but that’s nothin new!

11. E.L.F. makeup– SO CHEAP and actually pretty legit when you’re in a bind with the monies

12. Falsies by Maybeline and their lots of lashes great lash mascara

13. A River Runs Through It — much better book than I anticipated it to be, so insightful

14. still managing a 79 on my JOUR exam even though i literally maybe went to class 3 times since the last exam. Thank god I had a friend in the class/did the readings/thank god for studyblue it’s a LIFESAVER

15. (sounds like a good place to stop) Getting a replacement phone since mine decided to crap out. LAME but good at the same time.  Still waiting on that iPhone 5 though. GET HERE I need some Siri in my life.

Enjoy your week! I graduate on Thurs/Friday! weee!!




All in pictures! Just to let you all know how I’ve been faring before/during finals!

Gyming it up

and always representing for my team!

Obama ticket line

Just waiting in line to get my ticket to see the President speak at the University

Sickness fighter

My attempts at staying healthy…FAIL. had a sinus infection–which I’m almost 408923 positive cannot be cured with powerade and emergen-c


Just a little shopping trip to Target. ¬†I’m OBSESSED with that tea. Seriously. It’s my new thang at Starbs/I literally have like 3 cups a day. Amazing. And OF COURSE I had to pick up some SELFmagazine–loving the Tone it Up workouts!


Was craving sushi after I waiting for tickets to the Pres, so I hit up Tokyo Joe’s for some goodness. ¬†Oh, Tokyo Joe’s I will miss you very much.

The Med

Had this DELICIOUS bad boy at The Med last weekend. Uhh love Happy Hour? Just don’t go when you’re starving…you will order 9 tapas between two people..just saying. The white sangria is to dieeeee for.




YES he is wearing a fanny pack…a KITTY fanny pack. I want one..

I basically chased him down to sneakily take this picture…don’t know how sneaky I was but I got my job done.


Boulder, Colorado: You complete me and I will miss you very much.

Have a great rest of your week everybody! If you also have finals, good luck! If you’re graduating, congratulations! If you’re just awesome (which you ALL are) then keep up the good work my friends.

Its been a long time…shouldn’t have left you


….without a don’t mean to step to, step to, step-step to, step to (wickywicky)

Woke up with¬†this¬†beauty stuck in ¬†my head. ¬†Don’t know why Aaliyah and Timbaland invaded my brain, but they did and I’m totally fine with it.

Another song that has been on the brain like crazy is the Bieb’s new song¬†Boyfriend¬†and you could most definitely say that I’m obsessed with it. ¬†Good thing I’m not the only one, Heather at¬†For the Love of Kale¬†( lovelovelove her blog!) is also obsessed, there MUST be something in the water…

Speaking of music, I don’t know why but I have been LOVING the whole second round of boy band craze with the¬†band One Direction. ¬†They’re fantastic. I mean, they ain’t got nothing on my boys¬†BSB¬†(Nick, you’re still my favorite) or¬†Nsync¬†(JUSTIN!) but they’re doing a solid job at bringing back the screaming girls and taking them away from Biebs.

So the past week or weeks (time seems to flyyyyy by lately) have been SUPER busy with school. ¬†I’ve literally done nothing but eat, sleep, workout, and school. ¬†School has been rough, but thankfully I have 2 classes almost down (still have 2 presentations, one on Thursday and one on the 4th) then papers/finals/reading a WHOLE bunch of books for my one class. ¬†I think 6 books for the second half of the second semester sucks. ¬†I dominated half of one book before I went to sleep last night, can you say motivated? Can you also say where the hell has that motivation been ALL semester? Yeah, I don’t know either.

My friend¬†Monika¬†and I invaded the Law library alcove area to study/actually get work done…while getting a lot of stares. No big.

Yesterday was also April 20th aka 4/20 and well, since I go to CU Boulder everyone assumes that I’m a pothead/total crazy party animal, which I’m not.

Norlin quad

I actually hate the fact that our University is associated with the whole 4/20 thing. ¬†It devalues our education to be thought of as solely a party school and I think, even though they took extreme measures this year to snuff¬†out the potsmoking event, we shouldn’t even have to worry about this being something that the University has to deal with in the first place. ¬†I worked hard for 4 years for my degree, no, I busted my ass to graduate in 4 years. ¬†This event should not have to be something that could hinder possible employment by potential¬†employers and employers in Colorado will reject “potheads from Boulder” regardless of whether you smoke or not. ¬†Monika also blogged about 4/20 yesterday, so you should check it out! ¬†She hit the nail right on the head.

Okay, enough with the ranting and onto some more fun thaaaangs.  This week has been a week of crazy workouts/waking up wicked early to get them done/lots of kombucha/ and whole foods study trips.


I’ve basically lived at whole foods this week to try and get a research paper done and study for a massive exam. ¬†They have so many outlets which makes it a fantastic place for me to do work.

I also tried the Bar Method workout last week… Let me just tell you that my thighs/ass have never burned that much. My legs were SHAKING like earthquake shaking. ¬†Crazy me also decided that ¬†I would try Pure Barre today. ¬†Let’s hope I don’t keel over in the class today. ¬†I’m still sore from my Tone it Up Bikini¬†challenges¬†from the week! ¬†They have AWESOME workouts and are just such fantastic motivators! If you haven’t checked them out before then you NEED to.¬†These¬†ladies are fantastic and will definitely make you sweat…a lot…and shake a bit too while they’re at it.


DO it. It’s so much fun!

Have a fabulous Saturday!