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I am a granola monster.



Today was pretty glorious compared to the past couple days.

Went to Austin with the madre and pretty much hung out in Whole Foods the whole time, typical.

When Whole Foods literally has everything that you would ever need, why would you leave? We ate a fantastic lunch at the seafood restaurant (I got scallops/shrimp on a bed of spinach with a bacon vinaigrette and roasted tomatoes…YUM!) and some midday wine!

Nothing better than some seafood and midday vino with the madre at Whole Foods.

Well, other than getting a crazy amount of granola to restock my already stocked granola stash. I just love their in-house baked cherry almond granola. OH and I needed to get some kombucha/coconut creamer. I miss having a whole foods less than 5 minutes away already…and I’ve only been away from Boulder for about a week.  This is going to be rough.