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Bottomless pit.


Does anyone else ever feel like their stomach is literally a bottomless pit? Lately I can’t help but eat everything in the cabinet (mostly candy/nuts/anything sweet and salty)

and then some.

and then some more.

Seriously, it’s becoming quite a problem.

Tonight I decided that the solution to my problem would be to stuff my face so I wouldn’t want to eat any more sweet stuff, after I already ate a sh*t ton of candy/nuts.

On top of the candy I made myself a Kashi frozen chicken enchillada meal. SO GOOD. And had some popchips/salsa/greek yogurt(in place of sour cream) on the side. Finished the kashi meal cause it was fantastic and didnt really eat the other stuff.  So far I would say it’s working…but it’s only been like 20 minutes. 

I think this plan will be a winner.  Or I’ll be rolling in stomach pain soon.  I’ll keep ya updated.

In other news: I sent out my foodiepenpals box today! STOKED for her to get it!
It has also been BEAUTIFUL here in Colorado lately.  Loving the weather, not loving my lobster red chest…aka sunburned…ouch…and i wore sunscreen…guess that’s what I get for being transparent. 

Hope you aaaaallllllll are faring better than I am these days.  Hopefully I’ll stop being such a hot mess once spring break rolls around.