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Hello lovelies!

Since I’m avoiding studying/dancing, I’m gonna leave you with a little short and sweet post today about the things I’m loving on lately.

1. Earth Balance coconut peanut butter spread–not overly sweet and still tastes like peanut butter which MAY boot peanut butter and company out of the number two spot for my flavored nut butters (#1 is Justin’s, duhhhh)

2. Sunbutter is my favorite. always&forever. 

3. Colby’s kettle corn– uhh the cinnamon/sugar flavor is delicious and beats out my obsession with popcorn indiana (the nutritional stats on it are FANTASTIC too, 52 cals for 1.5 cups of cinnamon/brown sugar goodness? I’m down)

4. rice cakes smothered in one of said nut butters with a flavored honey stick spread on top = heaven

5. flavored honey sticks. delish.

6. annie’s pretzel bunnies 🙂

7. quinoa pasta ❤ legit have had it for dinner every night since saturday

8. the hip/hop/urban station on pandora– but that’s always a favorite of mine

9. bodyrock.tv — those women are RIPPED and the workouts totally kick your butt

10. tone it up workouts–but that’s nothin new!

11. E.L.F. makeup– SO CHEAP and actually pretty legit when you’re in a bind with the monies

12. Falsies by Maybeline and their lots of lashes great lash mascara

13. A River Runs Through It — much better book than I anticipated it to be, so insightful

14. still managing a 79 on my JOUR exam even though i literally maybe went to class 3 times since the last exam. Thank god I had a friend in the class/did the readings/thank god for studyblue it’s a LIFESAVER

15. (sounds like a good place to stop) Getting a replacement phone since mine decided to crap out. LAME but good at the same time.  Still waiting on that iPhone 5 though. GET HERE I need some Siri in my life.

Enjoy your week! I graduate on Thurs/Friday! weee!!




Well, I kinda fell off the face of the earth again.. my bad.

Last week was Spring Break so I had more time to myself to pretend to do homework and hang out with the family, and now it’s back to reality.  One month until the end of school…one month until I graduate and leave Colorado forever.

Maybe not forever, but still.  I definitely have mixed feelings about it.  I mean, who wouldn’t when you’re leaving this behind..


I decided to go for a run around campus this morning then decided to cut through campus and get some gym time in.  For some reason I’ve really been wanting to hit the stairmaster but they’re always full.  If you go early enough on a Saturday, however, they’re all open and yours for the taking 🙂

I’ve been working out like a mad person lately.  Took a little break on Sunday-Tuesday but went right back at it on Wednesday and have been doing work ever since!

Today I ran about 4.5 miles and did about a half hour on the stairmaster before quickly showering and heading out to Starbucks to meet a friend 🙂 After trying a cappuccino for the first time (uhh? new favorite drink) and being indecisive about where to get lunch for like 20 minutes we (I) decided that I needed a Mediterranean sammie from Panera and that’s where we headed.  Totally worth it and so good.

Now I’m being a lazy bum and watching the Green Lantern cause Ryan Reynolds is gorgeous.  And I don’t want to move.  My legs hate me from this week so they’re officially revolting against me.  I do, however, need to get off my butt and make my way to Barnes and Noble or some other place and make myself be productive considering that it IS April and I have about 21903716489 things due in the next 3 weeks. Whoops.

I’ll leave you with some other fun instagram pictures I took this week!

One month.


Veggie chips = dominated.

Have a wonderful Saturday!