MIA again…


Hellooooo beautiful people! I

‘m so sorry that I’ve been out of action the past week or so.

I was super busy with school then needed some “me” time to unwind once last week was over, but I’m back! I should be a much better blogger from here on out!

Well, unless school gets intense again, which it will… so I’m very sorry in advance for some point next month when I drop off the face of the planet again.

I am FINALLY on Spring Break and in Texas and loving every minute of it. I went to Austin yesterday and just could not get enough of everything! The weather was beautiful, the town was beautiful, and the people were beautiful. (and nice! whooooooa big change) It was just fantastic.  I’ve been to Austin a couple times before but yesterday, for some reason, was just fantastic.


My mom and I walked around for a little while then had some aweeeeesome sushi at Zushi Sushi.  I’ve always loved their sushi but yesterday it was just magical. Of course, we had to make a pit stop at the whole foods (the location of the first one ever!) and left with some goodies!


best. almonds. ever.

Seriously though, best almonds ever. I also loooove the granola they make in house too, so you know I just had to snatch some of that up while I could (aka while I didn’t have to pay for it)

I also decided to try out a new-to-me hummus! It’s called Zilk’s and it’s made in South Austin.

Verdict? I LOVE IT. I dug in yesterday with some of the veggie chips and loved it then i made it a part of my salad today for lunch. It’s fantastic and I want to take it back to CO with me. It definitely depresses me that I can’t.

I also bought some banana chips later to use when I get back to school for some pbb (peanut butter/banana) sammies that I saw on the Trader Joe’s website.

OH! MORE GOOD NEWS! Trader Joe’s is coming to San Antoniooooo!

Who’s stoked? THIS GIRL.

I cannot wait for their goodies to fill my cabinets.

Speaking of goodies… if you love golden oreos then you NEED to go out and buy this goodness.



Heaven is right..If heaven is golden and delicious.

In other news… I jumped back on the workout wagon today! I’m going to try and incorporate my workouts back into my everyday thaaang. I kinda fell off the wagon with being sick and all, but they’re slowly but surely making their way back into my life.

Did some circuit 3 times through that I found on pinterest this morning and loved it.  I mean, who doesn’t love doing 240 jumping jacks..you don’t? Oh, okay. I’m just crazy..but it’s okay by me.

I’m sure you’ve enjoyed my rambling on and on, but I figure I should end this way too large post at some point 🙂 so I will leave you with these parting words..

Download Practice by Drake..just do it. If you ever liked the song “Back that ass up” from the late 90’s- early 2000’s you’ll def appreciate my love for this song.

and yes, I was a thuggin’ 12 year old and proud of it.


About Chelsea

I'm Chelsea! A totally sarcastic twenty-something year-old girl about to graduate college and start real life. Lover of food, fitness, chocolate, granola, and pretty much everything in between. Welcome to my random all inclusive life, enjoy :)

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