Beautiful Day in Colorado


As my title reads: today was an absolutely beautiful day in Colorado.

I went for coffee this morning with one of my friends that I hadn’t seen in literally what feels like forever.  We were super classy and sat outside of the cleaners because that was the only place that we could find seats in the magnificent sun.

coffee = the elixer of life.

Unfortunately, today I didn’t have that wonderful upside-down skinny caramel macchiato, but I did have a grande iced black tea.  Just loving the picture I took yesterday on an equally gorgeous day!

I FINALLY went for a run today, and let me tell you… it was NOT a pretty sight.

Going for a run for the first time after being sick for a month is not the best thing that I have done in a while.  My nose was running all over the place and breathing was definitely not easy.  I did, however, get a good almost 5 miles in and stopped in at the gym on the way back to my apartment to get an ab workout in.  At the end of it all, I’m glad I got the run/ab workout in because I definitely felt MUCH better later!

I’m planning on running/working out at some point tomorrow too, I just NEED to take advantage of the warm weather.  I’m SO ready for it to be warm all the time.

I will definitely miss Colorado when I graduate, but I’m ready for some Texas heeeeat!


About Chelsea

I'm Chelsea! A totally sarcastic twenty-something year-old girl about to graduate college and start real life. Lover of food, fitness, chocolate, granola, and pretty much everything in between. Welcome to my random all inclusive life, enjoy :)

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