Catch up!


Lately I have been WAY exhausted, and I really don’t know why.

I mean, I guess I’ve been picking up my game on the fitness front and actually getting back on the grind and going to my dance classes again after my 2 weeks of sickness, but i still kinda feel like crap. Booooo.

I’ve also been obsessively going to Whole Foods like usual hahaha LOVE that place. I could totally be their spokesperson.  Had a lovely chat with my coworker/friend yesterday and she agrees, I can make people fall in love with Whole Foods and the random products that I buy there..cause they’re just so fantastic.  Like their chocolate cherry trail mix…SO GOOD. I mean, anything with chocolate in the title is going to win me over, but this trail mix is like heaven…and it’s on sale right now. hinthint.

This happened this morning too

Chocolate for breakfast? Duhhhh.
That’s a little bowl of heaven: chocolate granola (like 3 different kinds because I keep buying/getting sent granola..someone knows me too well (cough*mom*cough), nutella, and OF COURSE the chocolate cherry trail mix, OH! and  what made it taste just suuuuuper? Third Street Festivus Chai tea.

sh*t is delicious.


Since school is going to calm down a teenie tiny bit in the next week or so, I should have some exciting things to talk about!

I actually have a couple exciting things on the agenda for the next couple of weeks:

  • Quick trip to the Springs
  • Louisville Historic town center tripping for class
  • BX/Commissary shopping (SO STOKED if you’re military, you know what I’m talking about, if not I will explain the love I have for BX/Commissary shopping)
  • Sam Harris (If you don’t know who he is, google him. He is pretty prominent in the TED talk crowd) is coming to speak on campus, should be interesting!
  • I graduate in 2 months… whaaaaaaat!?
  • Spring BREAKKKKKKK so stoked.

Okay so most of the things that are happening in the near future are happening in the next 3 days.. it’ll still be exciting compared to normal.

I should go and get fresh and clean for the day ahead, even though i would much rather prefer to live in my sports bra and shorts/sweatshirt. I’m planning on most likely working out later anyway so being too clean sounds pointless…but I should make myself presentable.. don’t want to scare the population of Louisville too much.

Have a lovely Saturday!


oh, and ps. Chris Brown is killing it these days.
I know he had all that terrible legal shtuff happen which IS terrible, but his music is killliiiiiingggg it.

About Chelsea

I'm Chelsea! A totally sarcastic twenty-something year-old girl about to graduate college and start real life. Lover of food, fitness, chocolate, granola, and pretty much everything in between. Welcome to my random all inclusive life, enjoy :)

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