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FoodiePenPals Reveal!



Reveal Day is here! My Foodiepenpal this month was Michelle from Wisconsin and she sent me a whole bunch of awesome treats!

I immediately dug into the granola, of course, but have spaced out eating the rest of the box of goodies.



This granola is sooo good! I love everything cinnamon raisin so I knew this would become a new breakfast/snack-time staple for me.


White chocolate macadamia!

I ended up getting 3 of my favorite type of cookie! They’re buttery and delicious. I brought them home with me so I didn’t gobble them all up on my own.


I also brought the cheese home with me and my family loves it! It was such a surprise to bite into the cheddar and distinctly taste the Merlot.  Even though it’s Merlot cheddar, I wasn’t expecting it to taste so much like Merlot but that just makes it that much more awesome.



I haven’t dug into the chocolate yet, but isn’t the packaging great? I love it and can’t wait to try it!

Thank you SO much Michelle! Everything is/was/(I’m sure will be) amazing!

For those who don’t know, foodiepenpals is a super fun program that Lindsay (thank you!!) from The Lean Green Bean created for bloggers and non-bloggers as a way to share the fantastic treats from their areas of the U.S. (and now Canada/the UK! ) If you want more information, or want to join in on the fun, just head over to her blog and read up on all the deets! (you can find them here! )


Peaches and Peanut Butter = the recipe for a good day.


Today started out with peanut butter and honey.

Which I took as a sign that it was going to be a good day!

After my wonderful breakfast consisting of one piece of toast with PB&Company’s White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter (read: crack) and honey, another slice of toast with marmalade and greek yogurt, and coffee I played around on the computer for about an hour then went upstairs to do my Thursday circuit!

I know i mentioned this circuit the other day, but here it is if you wanna do it yourself!

Daily Circuit!

Let me also talk about fitness for a second, since it hasn’t come up much on the blog yet.  I’m a self diagnosed exercise addict.  I love the gym, whether the gym loves me back is debatable, but I lovelovelove to get a good workout in!  I haven’t talked about it too much before now because I was recovering from some crazy sicknesses that kept hitting me, which made me feel exhausted and icky so the gym was definitely not feeling the love last month.  But I’m feeling MUCH better and have started back into my normal routine.

Now, onto the 500 abs challenge that I participated in today!

A blogger I’ve been following for quite some time (Bess @ bessbefit) posted a challenge for her readers to complete 500 reps of ab exercises today…and you be I took her up on this challenge!

My workout consisted of the Thursday circuit (which I completed 3 times through) and some extras to make it 500 reps of ab burrrrnnnn

My abs still hurt from the workout I did yesterday (I always end up adding a little something extra after the circuit) so they were def feeling it. I ended up doing:

  • 20 swiss ball pass
  • 150 russian twists
  • 100 mountain climbers
  • 75 vertical leg crunches
  • 90 crunches
  • 15 roman chair lifts (not straight legged, but abs couldn’t handle much more haha)
  • 25 reverse crunches
  • 25 tone it up tummy tucks
  • side planks 15 seconds each side, 3 times!

If my math serves me correctly, that should be 500 and then some for the planks! cheeeaaaa did work today.

I treated myself to an iced peach green tea lemonade from Starbucks which is experimental in this part of Texas.  Good thing that this little addictive drink is NOT available in CO cause I would definitely have one in hand 24-7 it’s deeeeelicious. I absolutely love everything peach.

Speaking of peach… the wine I had with my not-so-healthy fried brie/artichoke heart appetizer and BOMB 303 salad at the  Huisache Grill was peachy, sweet, and absolutely delicious.

peachy moscato

I just HAD to know what brand the wine was and the waitress told me that it was the moscato from the Seven Daughters brand…delicious! I need to find it and stock up on it.

I got some rockin new duds at Nike too

neon love.

Gotta have my bright colors at all times. Def gonna break them in tomorrow for my run with my pops!

On that note, gonna go watch some up all night with the fam and contemplate doing some of my reading that I should have been doing all week…whoops.

Have a fantastic night, lovelies!

MIA again…


Hellooooo beautiful people! I

‘m so sorry that I’ve been out of action the past week or so.

I was super busy with school then needed some “me” time to unwind once last week was over, but I’m back! I should be a much better blogger from here on out!

Well, unless school gets intense again, which it will… so I’m very sorry in advance for some point next month when I drop off the face of the planet again.

I am FINALLY on Spring Break and in Texas and loving every minute of it. I went to Austin yesterday and just could not get enough of everything! The weather was beautiful, the town was beautiful, and the people were beautiful. (and nice! whooooooa big change) It was just fantastic.  I’ve been to Austin a couple times before but yesterday, for some reason, was just fantastic.


My mom and I walked around for a little while then had some aweeeeesome sushi at Zushi Sushi.  I’ve always loved their sushi but yesterday it was just magical. Of course, we had to make a pit stop at the whole foods (the location of the first one ever!) and left with some goodies!


best. almonds. ever.

Seriously though, best almonds ever. I also loooove the granola they make in house too, so you know I just had to snatch some of that up while I could (aka while I didn’t have to pay for it)

I also decided to try out a new-to-me hummus! It’s called Zilk’s and it’s made in South Austin.

Verdict? I LOVE IT. I dug in yesterday with some of the veggie chips and loved it then i made it a part of my salad today for lunch. It’s fantastic and I want to take it back to CO with me. It definitely depresses me that I can’t.

I also bought some banana chips later to use when I get back to school for some pbb (peanut butter/banana) sammies that I saw on the Trader Joe’s website.

OH! MORE GOOD NEWS! Trader Joe’s is coming to San Antoniooooo!

Who’s stoked? THIS GIRL.

I cannot wait for their goodies to fill my cabinets.

Speaking of goodies… if you love golden oreos then you NEED to go out and buy this goodness.



Heaven is right..If heaven is golden and delicious.

In other news… I jumped back on the workout wagon today! I’m going to try and incorporate my workouts back into my everyday thaaang. I kinda fell off the wagon with being sick and all, but they’re slowly but surely making their way back into my life.

Did some circuit 3 times through that I found on pinterest this morning and loved it.  I mean, who doesn’t love doing 240 jumping don’t? Oh, okay. I’m just crazy..but it’s okay by me.

I’m sure you’ve enjoyed my rambling on and on, but I figure I should end this way too large post at some point 🙂 so I will leave you with these parting words..

Download Practice by Drake..just do it. If you ever liked the song “Back that ass up” from the late 90’s- early 2000’s you’ll def appreciate my love for this song.

and yes, I was a thuggin’ 12 year old and proud of it.

Bottomless pit.


Does anyone else ever feel like their stomach is literally a bottomless pit? Lately I can’t help but eat everything in the cabinet (mostly candy/nuts/anything sweet and salty)

and then some.

and then some more.

Seriously, it’s becoming quite a problem.

Tonight I decided that the solution to my problem would be to stuff my face so I wouldn’t want to eat any more sweet stuff, after I already ate a sh*t ton of candy/nuts.

On top of the candy I made myself a Kashi frozen chicken enchillada meal. SO GOOD. And had some popchips/salsa/greek yogurt(in place of sour cream) on the side. Finished the kashi meal cause it was fantastic and didnt really eat the other stuff.  So far I would say it’s working…but it’s only been like 20 minutes. 

I think this plan will be a winner.  Or I’ll be rolling in stomach pain soon.  I’ll keep ya updated.

In other news: I sent out my foodiepenpals box today! STOKED for her to get it!
It has also been BEAUTIFUL here in Colorado lately.  Loving the weather, not loving my lobster red chest…aka sunburned…ouch…and i wore sunscreen…guess that’s what I get for being transparent. 

Hope you aaaaallllllll are faring better than I am these days.  Hopefully I’ll stop being such a hot mess once spring break rolls around.



Well, my computer decided to crap out on me.


And no, I’m one of maybe 10 people in college who don’t have a mac 😦

So until I get my cord I will be computer-less/dying.

Just letting you all know that I’m still alive and well…for now.



Beautiful Day in Colorado


As my title reads: today was an absolutely beautiful day in Colorado.

I went for coffee this morning with one of my friends that I hadn’t seen in literally what feels like forever.  We were super classy and sat outside of the cleaners because that was the only place that we could find seats in the magnificent sun.

coffee = the elixer of life.

Unfortunately, today I didn’t have that wonderful upside-down skinny caramel macchiato, but I did have a grande iced black tea.  Just loving the picture I took yesterday on an equally gorgeous day!

I FINALLY went for a run today, and let me tell you… it was NOT a pretty sight.

Going for a run for the first time after being sick for a month is not the best thing that I have done in a while.  My nose was running all over the place and breathing was definitely not easy.  I did, however, get a good almost 5 miles in and stopped in at the gym on the way back to my apartment to get an ab workout in.  At the end of it all, I’m glad I got the run/ab workout in because I definitely felt MUCH better later!

I’m planning on running/working out at some point tomorrow too, I just NEED to take advantage of the warm weather.  I’m SO ready for it to be warm all the time.

I will definitely miss Colorado when I graduate, but I’m ready for some Texas heeeeat!