Sunday Funday


Sunday’s are always the days that I designate to catch up on actually do my schoolwork and try to relax before the week ahead..

…or maybe not..considering I definitely did not get any sleep last night and I’m definitely not doing schoolwork right now.  I did, however, get some done this morning when I wasn’t sleeping at 6 AM (like normal people do on Sundays) and was catching up on all the TV I missed during the week.

Speaking of TV shows, can we just take a second to talk about How I Met Your Mother?
If you haven’t seen the new episode, then SPOILER ALERT:


Seriously…WTF happened?! One second Robin is happy, the next second she’s crying, the next second she’s engaged, then the next she’s not and she’s upset and crying…AGAIN.  And Ted!? WTF TED!? Robin is not the mother, we know this, so why on earth is he professing his love for Robin all over again? HIMYM: you annoy the hell out of me/ confuse me/ make me want to punch you in the face…hard.

In other news, I’ve been a lazy bum watching Gilmore girls marathon style with the  roomie.  I’m living the dream here people, living the dream, while ingesting copious amounts of jellybeans and chocolate.  Definitely living the dream.

Now I must get back to the more important real life things like some more marathon style watching of Gilmore Girls until we finish the series (which should only take like 6 more hours (3 more discs)) and eventually getting around to studying for my Journalism exam on Thursday and writing my 18 different papers for my Western and Spanish classes.  So much fun to be had today!

If you happen to stumble across the blog and you watch HIMYM… what do you think is going on!?

–much love.


About Chelsea

I'm Chelsea! A totally sarcastic twenty-something year-old girl about to graduate college and start real life. Lover of food, fitness, chocolate, granola, and pretty much everything in between. Welcome to my random all inclusive life, enjoy :)

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